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To Buy, To Buy, To Buy, That Is The Question:

This slight variation of Shakespeare’s famous line from Hamlet is the question I am hearing from as they buyers ponder and weigh-in on when it comes to that big decision to purchase real estate.

Here are 4 things to consider whether now is the right time for you to buy a home here in Greater Phoenix , Fountain Hills or Scottsdale….

1) A Home first, and investment last – a primary residence is just that, a residence, it is a place to live, to realize the American dream, to enjoy, to raise a family, it can create long-term wealth, however that is not the primary reason to enjoy homeownership

2) Low interest Fixed rates are a hedge against inflation – some of the lowest fixed rates are available; as a result you can buy the same house with a lesser payment, more importantly, with fixed monthly payments, you have a hedge against inflation, as your dollar buys more new home now, than it will later

3) Tax advantages – speak with a CPA or expert, however, there are some great tax advantages to primary homeownership, including no capital gains breaks on up to $500K in appreciation for married couples and deductions of interest against income

4) Long-term capital appreciation – many Americans have created significant wealth through home ownership and real estate across the country and here in Maricopa County, Arizona . Remember, Capital Appreciaion should be the last reason to buy; as homes do cost about 8%-10% year to own when you figure in interest, taxes, insurance and upkeep.

Though, if you have a fixed rate mortgage, pay down principal and are patient, history tells us, you will enjoy the many wealth creation benefits

Make sure you make prudent investment decisions when you buy Real Estate and buy a home for the right reasons. Most importantly, make sure you can afford it, there is no sense working hard 7 days a week, even if we do have beautiful weather here in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix Valley, just to struggle to pay a mortgage that you cannot enjoy.